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A Brief Introduction to Xiacheng
Creation Time:04/09/2019

Xiacheng district is located in the core of hangzhou city, north of hangzhou people's government, south of the beautiful west lake, west of the political center of the provincial party committee, provincial government resident, the ancient city jiangdong - shahe yi station. After several adjustments by the district government, the current urban area is 31.46 square kilometers.

It has 8 streets and 74 communities. The area is 31.46 square kilometers. At the end of 2019, there were 403,170 registered residents in Xiacheng District, including 200,259 males and 202,911 females. The majority of the residents were Han, with a few Hui, Manchu and Tibetan nationalities. In 2017, the birth rate was 12.16‰, the mortality rate was 13.89‰, and the natural population growth rate was -1.74‰. The population density is 12,815 people per square kilometer.

Affected by the East Asian monsoon, the lower urban area has formed the same season of light, heat and water with good climatic characteristics. The climate is mild and humid, the four seasons are distinct, the light is abundant and the rainfall is abundant. The annual average temperature is 16.2℃, the summer average temperature is 28.6℃, the winter average temperature is 3.8℃, the frost-free period is 230 to 260 days, and The average annual rainfall is 1,435mm, and the average relative humidity is between 74% and 85%.

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